1999 Linux Symposium

dynamic libraries: how they work


Dynamic Libraries: How they work

Almost every IA-32 Linux application these days is built in the ELF format. Most binaries make use of dynamic shared libraries. We will cover the structure of ELF dynamic libraries, how they function, and how to build them.

We will cover; executable and library sections, how shared libraries are actually "shared", jump tables, the PLT (procedure linkage table), and the GOT (global offset table), what /lib/ld.so does, what versioning is and how it works, using dynamic linking, and the various analysis tools available.

Pat Beirne

Pat Beirne is the Chief Engineer at Corel Corporation. Pat was one of the Corel Draw 1.0 team, and has been involved in several of the Corel products.

In 1994, Pat created a team within Corel to explore desktop video, which resulted in the CorelVideo product line, and, in turn, resulted in the NetWinder product line. During the NetWinder development, Pat was exposed to Linux/UNIX and has since renounced his Win-ways.

He continues to work on exploratory work with Corel and Rebel.com. Pat teaches in-house training courses at Corel, and has been a speaker at several software development conferences.