1999 Linux Symposium



David S. Miller, Red Hat Inc.

David began contributing to the Linux kernel in the early 90's while the project was still in its infancy. His early work consisted of developing the Sparc port of the kernel, which he still maintains. His responsibilities now include the core TCP/IP networking layer of the kernel, VFS layer work, and increasing the portability of kernel device drivers. Outside of kernel work, David works on the GCC compiler project, co-maintains the Sparc backend, and serves on the project's steering committee. He is also a primary maintainer of Sparc support in GLIBC.

Miguel de Icaza, Helix Code Inc.

Miguel de Icaza is a long time free software developer, and sits on the board of the Free Software Foundation. The projects he has worked on include the Midnight Commander file manager, the Sparc Linux port, and the MD softraid driver. In August of 1997, Miguel founded the GNOME project, which he coordinates to this day. But you already knew all that. What you don't know is how GNOME is going to save Linux from its Unix heritage, and how Evolution is going to take free software to places it's never been before. Join us for another loopy trip into Miguel's hyperkinetic world.

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