1999 Linux Symposium

failsafe - ha on linux


Linux FailSafe - High Availability for Linux

The Linux FailSafe project is a community development effort lead by SuSE and SGI to port SGI's field proven IRIS FailSafe product to Linux. FailSafe provides a full suite of high-availability capabilities for Linux. These include full N-node cluster membership and quorum services, application monitoring and failover-restart capabilities, with a set of nice GUI tools for administering and monitoring HA clusters.

It is the purpose of this talk to ease getting involved with the Linux FailSafe project - porting, enhancing, and of course deploying it on your network.

I will outline the feature of FailSafe, review the internal structure, the exported interfaces, describe the issues with the port and give an up to date status.

Lars Marowsky-Brée

Lars Marowsky-Brée works for SuSE Linux Solutions AG as a consultant and developer, focussing on High Availability and networking. He is also active in Open Source projects like the Linux Virtual Server, heartbeat, Linux HA and others.

Working with Linux since 1994, he spent 3 years working at a 100% Linux and Cisco based ISP in network operations before signing up with SuSE.

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