1999 Linux Symposium




Evolution is the Gnome mailer, calendar, and contact manager. But more than that, it is the next step forward in GNOME applications. The three tools will be tightly integrated with one another and act as a seamless personal information management tool. Evolution will be highly scriptable and it will be possible to use it to solve a huge variety of information sharing problems.

Evolution is built using Bonobo components. Not only can the pieces be reused in other applications, but new content viewers, and new information handlers can be added without making source changes.

Evolution is designed to help you find and locate information in this modern world by providing Bonobo interfaces to locate information from any possible source. Everything is indexed: your mail, your irc logs, your calendar, your annotations and anything else that you plug into Evolution.

We will discuss the design of Evolution, the architecture and the user interface enhancements.

Dan Winship

Dan Winship works for Helix Code, where he is hacking on the mail component of the Evolution groupware suite. Previously he worked at MIT, writing and maintaining software in the Athena computing environment. In his spare time, he hacks on that other operating system (you know, the one with the demon).

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