1999 Linux Symposium



Wednesday, July 19th

Welcome Reception
We will be holding a welcome reception for everyone from 7pm until 10pm. We are happy that Jon ``Maddog'' Hall will be giving a welcome address at 8pm. Come out and meet everyone.

Thursday, July 20th

Corel Inc.
Corel would like to invite everyone out to the Hard Rock Cafe in the Byward Market starting at 6:00pm with the doors opening to the public at 10:00pm. Drinks and food will be provided. Bring your badge and the invitation out of your show bag to get your drink tickets.

Friday, July 21st

Zero-Knowledge Systems Inc.
Zero-Knowledge invites everyone at OLS to join them for an open-air party at the Split Rock Ranch. Drinks, and food will be provided. Since the party is slightly outside of Ottawa we'll have busses heading out beginning at 7:30pm and busses to bring you back downtown. Be prepared for fun.

Saturday, July 22nd

Helix Code Inc.
Helix Code is currently making the final arrangements to take you all out to the pub for the evening. A nice relaxing evening of chatting over good beer, snacks, and great conversation. A great way to wrap things up, and this is what life is all about.

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