1999 Linux Symposium

the bonobo component model


The Bonobo Component Model

This talk will cover the rational behind component programming, the historical need for a Linux component architecture, and the foundational design decisions that we made. The guts of Bonobo will be laid bare, tweaked in interesting ways and compared with COM to help with comprehension. In addition higher level tools such as Glade/libglade will be taught to allow simple and speedy use of the tastefully concealed power of the Bonobo.

Finally, the remaining sceptic will be given a very hard stare and made to watch flashy demos of the Gnome Office suite until they submit. Featuring remote printing, embedded canvas items, ramblings about Evolution, Nautilus and much more.

Michael Meeks

Michael is a Christian who enjoys working for Helix Code Inc. where he gets paid to develop various free Gnome components, particularly gnumeric, bonobo and Gnome Basic. Prior to this he worked for Quantel gaining expertise in real time AV editing and playback achieved with high performance focused hardware / software solutions. He currently enjoys a 4th year at Cambridge UK studying Electrical and Information Science.

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