1999 Linux Symposium



Berlin: taming premature rasterization with structured graphics

Graydon Hoare, Zero-Knowledge Systems Inc.

Stefan Seefeld

Berlin is a free windowing system based on the work of the X Consortium's Fresco project. In the paper, we present the primitives and composition models from which the system derives several novel features, and address some common concerns about its current implementation.

In our talk, we will discuss the material in the paper, demonstrate berlin's high quality imaging model, dynamic layout, anti-aliased fonts, linear transformations and server-managed pty subprocesses, as well as run a few simple clients in different languages to demonstrate the ease of writing for CORBA. And of course we will also dance about and juggle chainsaws.

Stefan Seefeld is a graduate student in physics at Universite de Montreal, and was previously involved in the Offix desktop project and in coding scientific libraries in C++. Graydon Hoare is an undergrad in math and cs at University of Toronto, interning at Zero Knowledge Systems, and has been learning "good" C++ from Stefan for just over a year.

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