1999 Linux Symposium

power management and linux


Power Management and Linux

I recent years as computers become more power hungry and more people have access to notebook computers, power management has become more important to the wider computer using population. The power management built into Linux allows it to perform fairly well in such benchmarks as battery life and power consumption.

We will discuss the history of the Linux power management implementation, the internal kernel API's involved and the future.

Stephen Rothwell

Stephen Rothwell came to Linuxcare from NEC Australia. At NEC he helped set up and administer NEC's external Internet connection and intranet. He also set up, maintained and supported Linux firewalls and Web servers for various NEC customers. Stephen develops and maintains an Advanced Power Management driver for Linux licensed under the GPL. He is a member of the Australian UNIX and Open Systems Users Group (AUUG) and has presented papers at two of its Canberra Technical Conferences. Stephen was one of the organizers of the Canberra Linux Users group and is also one of the administrative team of the Canberra PCUG's Internet service. Stephen began programming by teaching an IBM 360 how to cheat at Blackjack, and has been known to tell three funny jokes in one year.

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